>It’s been a while.

>We have been busy. Leaving Picton, we took a ferry to Wellington. It was a nice city, but a city none the less. We spent one night there and took a bus to our favorite north island spot, Lake Taupo. (Pronounced “toe-paw” in Maori). We like to hitchhike, but it is impossible in the cities here. There is not much going on between Wellington and Taupo and we didn’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere. We arrived at a familiar bus station and we walked to a free campground. Last time that we were here, we made friends with the few other campers.
 This time it was packed. It is peak season for foreign travelers and they are here by the boatload. Fishy Steve wouldn’t let us camp (there were some shady looking characters) so now we are back at their house.
Arriving in Taupo, we immediately headed out to do the Tongariro Crossing. It is a 17 km walk with heaps of elevation gain.

Here is the profile.

That afternoon (it ended up being an 18 hour day) Steve picked us up and took us fishing. After two months on our own and not getting one bite. We were hooked into fish nearly immediately. Knowing that we are almost as fanatical as he is, we stayed out until it was dark (we had one headlamp between three of us) and fished by feel instead of sight.

After that crazy day, we got up and fished on our own. No luck. It seems like we need a guide for the fish to bite. There is so much to the art of fly fishing that we are constantly learning. So all we do is fish.

Tomorrow is no different. I love my life.


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