>Getting out of our horrible hostel in Christchurch was quick and painless. The next day, we watched the World Buskers Festival. It was the best thing about Christchurch. Besides the Indian food.

Buskers are street performers. I like watching them.

Then we made it to Kaikoura. It is a small seaside town that is known for it’s crayfish (lobsters).

Mojdeh eating local lobster.

We camped beside a dirty river, but I saw heaps of trout so I tried my luck anyway. They swam away along with some eels. Weak.

The river looks nice from far away.

From Kaikoura, we hitchhiked back to our favorite wine tasting town of Renwick. We felt like locals. It was one of the towns that we have visited twice. We knew our way around and enoyed a few days of wine and a little bit of fishing.

Fishing and food. Could I be any happier?

Now we are in Picton. It is another small town that is the port town to the north island. There is free wireless, free breakfast, free hot tub, and free bikes to ride. Today we rode to the local pool. I swam 10X100’s and nearly drowned. I am out of shape. I need to get back in shape quickly. I have lots of races this year!


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