>Internet usage.


I have internet. It is too hot to be outside. You are warned to avoid the heat from 11-3 everyday. Summer is here. So we watch You Tube videos of Obama.

I also found this in the NY Times about surfing on the North Shore. If you have surfed there, you know it’s pretty true. Except the beatings occur quite regularly.

Also, we put together a movie of us with seals.

Here is on eo fmy favorite things that I have seen in a long time. It is Sir Ken Robinson summing up a lot of what I think about our education system. Less drugs for students. Stop telling kids to sit still, let them express themselves creatively. I think that our education system was set up for a world that we no longer live in today. Come on Obama, let’s make some more changes.

I like that Obama shut down Guantanamo. People here in New Zealand already like Americans more. There hasn’t been much anti-American sentiment, but a lot of Bush bashing.

Anyone know of cheap rental cars on O’ahu?


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