>A day in the life.

>We left Queenstown heading for the east coast of the south island. We have been very spoiled with our new friend Avi and his car. We considered taking a bus, but  thought that we should get back to our roots and start hitchhiking again. We walked further than we wanted this morning, but eventually got picked up by a fly fishing guide. I think that he picked us up because he saw our rods sticking out of our backpacks. Shortly after he dropped us off, another person picked us up. He was making some jokes and then began talking about his profession. I wasn’t sure when the jokes stopped and he became serious about his job. He is a Pentecostal minister/excorsist. He speaks in tongues, communicates directly with God, and heals people. The Holy Spirit tells him things and he can fix your problems, even over the phone. Tell me if you need his phone number and I will be happy to give it to you.

How we get around.

Later, a man from Holland picked us up. He took a 5 week trip to New Zealand because he was turning 50. I love hearing about people’s lives. Close to our destination of Dunedin, a local judge picked us up. This is a typical day of hitchhiking for us. If we drove, it would probably take us about 3 1/2 hours. Hitching took us 9 hours. And we made ALL kinds of new friends!


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