>Out of here.

>”The water is too clear and the sun is too hot.” – Mojdeh
Those were our biggest dilemmas today.

Testing the waters.

We woke up and hit the supermarket. We are planning a fishing/camping trip at a place called Nelson Lakes. Apparently it is pretty far away from everything. Sounds great. We were beginning to feel like locals in the small town of Takaka, but it has been inundated by bloody tourists.

This is part of our hippie camp!

After some time in town, we went to our favorite swimming hole and played in the river. We laughed that watching people climb rocks, swing on ropes, and cheer each other on, was a lot like being at the zoo.

Like a zoo without cages.

After that it was back to town for our last meal that wont include our tiny cooking set and stove. We found the best place for fish (or chicken) and chips just before we planned to leave. Then we had to get in a good fish before leave town. The river by our campsite has been dirty due to all the recent rain. Today it was astoundingly clear and we actually saw our first trout without a guide. That was a close as we got though.

 We watched the sun set and chased daylight back to camp. 

Off to Nelson Lakes now!


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