Today was another day of fishing with Fishy Steve. We have stayed at his family’s house for 3 nights. They have made amazing food every night.

Last night was fajitas, homemade salsa, guacamole, etc. (Mexican food is a rarity in NZ) and tonight was home made pizza. This is amazing after a long day of fishing. Today, Steve took us on an outback adventure. We were walking through the bush up and down the Mohaka River. We only went “swimming” once. The rocks were slippery and as the river got deeper and faster we lost our footing and the water poured into our waders.

Nobody was hurt, we didn’t lose any gear, so it ended up being a good day! Of course Mojdeh hooked a giant Brown Trout in the first few minutes and as she brought it close to shore, it threw out the hook and got away.


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