>Burritos, Texans, and Tandems (Day 2 Inside Interbike)


After another long day at Interbike, I have a couple minutes to look back at my pictures and think about what happened. There are girls in tiny outfits everywhere. I smell like cigarette smoke after walking through the hotel. I got to tell Lance Armstrong that he helped me through my Dad’s cancer treatment. My friend, Alicia, recommended his book when my Dad was diagnosed. Lance was roped off from the masses, but I snuck between the scaffolding to shake his hand. I was amazed that he seemed sincere when I talked to him for two minutes. He thanked me for sharing my story and it meant a lot to me. I also got to meet Ivan Dominguez today. He has worn Rudy’s for a while and when his last team broke up, he wants to ride in the best. Sweet. After work, we went to a crit race at the Mandalay Bay. It was fun and we saw Dave Zabriskie walk by. I would love to talk to him for his warped sense of humor. Oh yeah, I also got to hang out with the Garmin Chipotle team. I realized while typing this that it seems like I just walk around and see the famous people. In reality, we bust our butts working, and while getting water, food, or going to the bathroom, you can literally just run into these people. It feels good when they seek out the Rudy Project booth though.


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