>Drive to Vegas

>This week, I will be in Las Vegas working for Rudy Project at Interbike. It started after work. I jumped on the bus to Denver and crashed on my friend Chris’ couch. Early the next morning, we loaded the Uhaul and set off West. Burger King for breakfast and I snacked on gummy bears, chex mix and soda. Pretty normal road trip stuff, but not what I am used to.
After just under six hours, the Broncos football game started on the radio. That helped pass some time. I tried to constanly nap, but when that didn’t work I would watch our gas mileage. (We averaged 9 mpg.)
We only stopped once to catch the last 10 minutes of the 4th quarter of the Broncos game. About 80 miles from Vegas I saw the first casino offering an all you can eat buffet.
13 hours after we left Denver, we arrived at our hotel tired but in good spirits. Our room was fine but the other guys came over and said, “Our room smells like throw up, and the lights don’t work”. I found this funny until they threatened to sleep in our room. They got everything figured out. We are meeting before 6 am tomorrow, so I am going to bed now.


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