>Ride the bull

>With a high of 21C (70F) and a low of 9C (20F), it was much cooler in the mountains that what we are used to in Boulder. I am going to exchange my 35 degree sleeping bag for a 20 degree bag. I like the warmth. I also really appreciated my insulated inflatable sleeping pad that I recently purchased. I have slept on self inflating pads, but have a few inches between myself and the cold ground was like heaven. We camped close to Brainard Lake. One day I will ride my bike up there. At 3,139m (10,300 feet) it is no joke to breathe with just a little exertion. I saw a lot of fish jumping so I brought out the stick that scares them away. I maintained my Preservation Society member status. Lots of fishing, but no catching. It was nice to see the fish so close to me and in their natural habitat.

After being outside for a night we scampered down to Boulder to celebrate Leo’s birthday. We had a great dinner, and enough drinks to ride the bull. Next stop, REI. I need to return that 35 degree bag that I recently got and exchange it for  at least a 20. I would like a synthetic ultralight (less than 2 pounds) sleeping bag for less than $200. I am mildly opposed to down just because things tend to get wet while camping. Down loses its heat retaining capabilities when wet, unlike synthetic. If anyone has any reccommendations, I would appreciate it. Strangely, the REI sub kilo sleeping bag is 20 degrees for men and 15 degrees for women. Maybe I will get the women’s bag, despite my lack of need for extra hip room.
Good luck to Bree and Mark this weekend! I will be thinking of you two.


1 thought on “>Ride the bull

  1. >Rory, I am totally with you, the shape is a good sign!!! Thanks a heap for the shout out, I have yet to meet your friend Marky, but if I see him I will say hi.Hope all is well… all the best!

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