>Cheap camping.


Alright my faithful followers, it has been a while. With the new tattoo came a whole lot of nothing. No going in the sun, or the pool, or anywhere fun. So instead I have been working. It hasn’t been bad, however. It has enabled me to acquire a couple of things that I have wanted for the future. The first purchase was an ultralight sleeping bag (.79 kilos).

A few days later, I thrilled myself with an ultralight tent. This is the REI Quarterdome T2. 1.87 kilos. I am ready for New Zealand. Or at least Copper Triangle ride this weekend.

I just heard that it is supposed to be 102 degrees this weekend. I am glad to be going with the Rudy guys to Copper this weekend.

I am often asked how I afford to do the things I do. I learned a lot from Kurt, but this Ken Rockwell article sums it up well. I moved into a new apartment which is awesome. Great roommate and great location. There will be pics of my surroundings soon.



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