>movie and nerdy things


I went to the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight”. I enjoy getting to the theater early to see all the people dressed like characters from the movie. Last time I went to Star Wars 10 hours before the show to assure good seats. For the Dark Knight, I went and bought tickets the day before and was at the theater only two and a half hours before the movie began. There was nobody there yet. The lines were set up, security was in full force, and 20 managers in suits were making sure that everything went smoothly. I just sat by myself reading a book waiting for something to happen. When I decided to go into the theater, they gave me a choice of 5 different rooms. I found the empty one.
The movie was good. It was long, but entertaining. On a geekier note, Time.com has a list of the 11 best iPhone apps. I agree with them. So far, Pandora, Midomi, and Remote are my favorites. A great time waster is Scribble. I have made masterpieces like this with it.

2 thoughts on “>movie and nerdy things

  1. >I went with you to that Star Wars midnight showing at Ward… I canNOT believe no one was dressed up at the Dark Knight like they were at Star Wars…how unfortunate.

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