>My bike has been tuned up and the derailleur cables replaced. I bought new shoes (Shimano TR30) and cleats (Look Delta). Time to throw on my old Hammer Nutrition tri shorts, some old tshirt (no jerseys yet) and go for a ride. I did a short (4 mile) run this morning, swam 2400 meters after lunch, now I am going to eat (again) and go for my first ride in about a year. Does that constitute as my first tri?

**Later that day**

I hate the person that told me to ride to Jamestown. It was a beautiful ride, but I like to complain and I haven’t been on a bicycle in a very long time. After about 10 minutes, my legs were burning. After 30 minutes, I was shot, spent, done, wasted after just half an hour. Then the beauty of the surroundings got the better of me an dI just looked around and didn’t worry that my legs were numb. Just after an hour I made it to Jamestown. What a beautiful town of 205 people. I will be back.


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