>Mid week

>Hiking, indoor soccer, swimming, volleyball, work, then a biathlon. What a hard few days this week. My body hurts. I don’t like to sit down because I know I will have to stand up. I groan whenever I move. It is great. It started with indoor soccer. I had a lot of fun and look forward to playing again. Our team was a player short and my goal with less than three minutes left gave us the win. That felt pretty good. But getting out of bed the next day was tough. I swam to try and loosen some things up. It helped a bit, but then I played volleyball the following night. Things got tight so I went for a run this morning.
Then I remembered the Boulder Stroke and Stride. 1.5k swim and 5k run. It was my first time swimming in a wetsuit and I felt like there were rubberbands holding my arms back when I tried to bring them forward. The swim consisted of two 750 meter laps. On the second lap, a current appeared and slowed us all down. I thought I was crazy until I saw the results and everyone’s second lap was at least a minute slower than there first. Mine included. My swim was a 25:36. The transition seemed to take forever. Tugging on my wetsuit with tired arms almost seemed like a cruel joke. I finally got it off, slipped on my shoes and Rydon’s and took off. On the run I took off way too fast, tried to encourage everyone, and had a lot of fun. My run pace was 6:30 min per mile making my 5k run time 20:08. It was 47:04 of fun. The winner was a pro triathlete Kiwi named Brent Foster. I saw a dozen athletes with their names on their butts. Leading the race were a bunch of the Riptide Multisports Tri Team. They were pretty quick (ITU racers).
I am looking forward to a recovery weekend (working a lot) then getting my bike next week. Good luck to Bree in Japan this weekend.


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