>Lots of rubber.

>About a week ago, I was riding my bicycle home when I saw someone had written something on the sidewalk about cycling nude. This caught my attention, but not quite enough to stop and read the whole thing. If I had, I wouldn’t have been so surprised to see the 60 naked people partaking in Boulder’s fifth annual Naked Bike Ride yesterday. Here is an article from the Daily Camera. Boulder has quite a few naked events. This one however was supposed to spread awareness about America’s dependency of oil, or something. I don’t think that events like this help to make people ride bikes instead of drive, but I think that I would have participated. I was too busy tubing in Boulder creek though.
Bouderites, have lots of interesting ideas. I have a friend that lives in the nearby mountain town of Nederland. “Mountain people” are known to be different. Nederland is where the true hippies go when they don’t want to live in the “city” of Boulder anymore, but still reap the benefits (Whole Foods, organic restaurants, local beer). This friend of mine told me that I was a 7. I am a little more confident so I argued that I thought I was better than a 7. Then she told me that she meant my Enneagram. Crazy hippies.


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