>Why bother?

>I am going to try and keep track of my workouts on here. I need to find a race soon. I want to feel like I am training for something. I am so used to having an upcoming race, or at least on off season. Life is becoming more real. I have a bank account, filed my taxes, and received a box of checks this week. I also picked up my FREE bus pass and library card. I am quite excited about that.

Monday: Ran 4 miles
Tuesday: Swam 3K yards
Wednesday: Volleyball for a couple of hours
Thursday: Swam 2.3K yards (asked for my bike to be shipped out here)
Friday: Ran 4 miles and swam 2.3K yards

Someone recently asked me why I have a blog. I sometimes wonder about bloggers. I read a lot of athletes blogs. I think that it is a good way to know what is going on in my friends lives. It made sense for me to have a blog while traveling, but I wonder if anyone cares what I am doing now. Then I found this article in Scientific American (despite that I consider myself half American and not scientific at all) that told me that blogging is good for me. So now I blog for that reason.
Completely unrelated, I found some pictures from hot springs near Chiang Mai, Thailand. Kids boil eggs in the water, I refused to eat them.


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