>if you can’t find something

>Recently coming from Brasil and Peru, I didn’t run into any “lost” tribes, but according to this article, some people have. The picture shows the indigenous group shooting arrows at the helicopter as it flew over.

Speaking of LOST, the season is finished. Now, I need something to do on Thursday nights. Bolder Boulder pictures are here. Sorry they are small, I don’t want to pay for any of them. I was very excited to wear my Team in Training shirt and my Rydon’s with racing red lenses. This weekend is the Elephant Rock Cycling Festival which should be a lot of fun. In other news, I got a new writing instrument, some people would refer to it as a “pen”.

** Here is something exciting, I am sitting at a coffee shop and a police car pulled up suddenly with lights flashing and blocked the entrance. He then pulled out an assault rifle and ran into the car dealership across the street. I think I am leaving soon!


4 thoughts on “>if you can’t find something

  1. >so uh… what came of the shot gun incident?sorry for being slow in getting back to you. this week has been NUTZ!!! and I leave for the race tomorrow! ARGH!!!

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