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>This is a post by the Larimer County Sheriff. He doesn’t like cyclists. He especially doesn’t like cyclists from Boulder County. Yesterday, I got to grab coffee with Mark. We went to The Laughing Goat which might be our new favorite coffee hang out. They do latté art. It was quite impressive and the staff was very friendly. On my way home, I saw some prairie dogs that were too cute not to take pictures of them.
American Airlines now charges $15 for your first checked bag. So I guess everyone will be stuffing their carry on luggage as full as possible. The future of air travel does not look very bright. I suppose that makes it a pretty good time to settle down.
No, the tornadoes did not come near Boulder. I did not see them, nor am I inclined to try and see them. Good luck to Ryan doing Ironman Lanzarote right now. He started the race with a blistering 57 minute swim. Continued biking for 7:15, now he is on the run.


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