>tea bags and elephant rocks

>2 days until… my new swimming attire arrives.

5 days until… the Bolder Boulder.

Tomorrow, I go to work. This still seems like a very odd concept for me. I have been doing what I want, when I want, for a long time. I had to be at airports, or bus stations, or train stations, but even that was fun, because it was always in a new country, city, and language.

I am sitting a tea shop working on a website for my friends at Scarred for Life. It is a tattoo shop right next to the tea place. Luckily they have lots of healing teas. Boulder is such a funny town.

In about a week, there is a cycling festival called Elephant Rock. There are rides from 8 miles to 100 miles. There are expected to be about 7,000 riders there. Mountain bike trails, kids trailers, and camping are all encouraged. There are also team races. What a cool place. I am hoping to work the Rudy Project booth.

Tonight, I am going to attempt my first spin class. It is an hour long at the YMCA just before my 3 hours of coed pick up volleyball. My brother will probably be skating.


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