>3 pars

>The new job is going well after my first day. Boulder’s weather is wonderful. My knee hurts after long runs. So I have been swimming more. My swimming is improving. My new favorite swim workout is:

400 warm up
8X100 – 25 fast, 50 slow, 25 fast
2X200 – 50 kick, 50 free, 50 pull, 50 free
200 kick
4X100 – 50 drill, 50 free
200 cool down

Today being Sunday, I played on the computer (looking for a place to live still) and then went golfing. I haven’t become a very good golfer, yet. I did order some cool new swimming attire from Splish.com. They sponsor Big Island hero, and Honolulu Triathlon winner, Bree Wee, so I thought I would check out their website. Custom made anything is cool, but I will post pictures of my new tiny outfit when it arrives, just to keep you guessing.


2 thoughts on “>3 pars

  1. >I hope you LOVE your new suit, they are so much fun and make you want to swim!Please send me an email when you get to Big Island so we can do a swim or something… wait… maybe with your new little suit I don’t want to swim with you, let’s make it a ride! ha ha, just kidding!Good luck finding a place! I need to add you to my blog list, I read you too much to keep hunting for your page!

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