>pent = 5

>I am having difficulty finding motivation to get out and exercise. I don’t know why. Today I ran for an hour and had a great time. I follow Boulder Creek wherever I can. I think the problem is that I haven’t been competitive in a long time. Whenever I saw someone in front of me, I had to race them. It made it easier because they didn’t know that we were racing. Also, most of the people out at noon on Friday are women pushing strollers or retired people. Lets say that I won most of my “races”.

Today I applied at a local restaurant and I have a stage tomorrow. Luckily, I used a French-English dictionary to look up “stage” and figure out what that meant. stage Noun, masculine (a) training course; faire un ~ d’informatique to go on a computer (training) course; ~ d’introduction introductory course (b) (School) work experience; faire un ~ de deux semaines to go on work experience for two weeks

I am swimming this afternoon. I am completely inspired by Sheila Taormina. She is an athlete that wants to compete in the pentathlon in Beijing for this year’s Olympics. I was unaware that the pentathlon consists of pistol shooting, fencing, swimming, show jumping (horses), and running. I have been doing enough running and swimming, but no tenough work on cycling. I am in a great place at the best time of year. Now I just need to buy a bike.



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