>Yesterday, I watched a lecture about labeling on food products. Kimberly Lord Stewart, the author of “Eating Between the Lines” told everyone the difference between “cage free” and “free range” poultry. The part of the lecture that I saw discussed eggs, poultry, and pork. I wont make you read the book, the important things to look for in poultry are: organic, humane, no antibiotics, naturally raised, and/or pasture raised. Ignore things like: hormone free, no steroids, cage free, natural, free range they mean nothing. With your eggs, look for: Vegetarian fed chickens, DHA omega 3 (fish oil), or cage free eggs. Those are good.

After all that excitement, and a great run, I went to a meeting at Eco-Cycle. It was a meeting for volunteers to help make the community get closer to producing zero waste. It is a great idea.

This morning, I was checking the Giro results, hoping my team in argyle was doing well, when I got a call from my potential employer. Out of a couple hundred applicants and over 60 interviews, I was in the top 5. However, I was not number 1. So now I am off to drop off applications at companies that are inferior, but will help me pay the bills. Such is life. And it can always be worse.



One thought on “>Jobs.

  1. >Go Argyle!Good luck on the job hunt, bill paying is… well, a pain, but it’s gotta be done.Thanks for the info on the food. I think I’m at the point where I need to carry a notebook full of notes with me when i go grocery shopping!

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