>what a week


Being back in Boulder has been better than I expected. I got to meet Mark (triathlete, cool guy, friend of many friends), reunited with Will (pro triathlete), met Louis (NBA player), and played tennis with a physicist. I also applied for a job. Boulder has a wonderful network of trails for running and cycling. After the first rounds of interviews, the company was cooler than I expected. Next week will determine a large chunk of my future.

Now that graduation is over, the bars will calm down, the students will leave, and the weather will get better. I hope. The forecast doesn’t look good for the near future, but I am sure that summer will be really hot. Now I am off to swim and run.



1 thought on “>what a week

  1. >Found your blog through Marky’s… then I discovered you are from Kona! Me too… but I am not sure if I have ever bumped into… then I read more through your blog and see that you travel all over the place! Cheers and I hope you are having another one of your cool adventures you seem to find!Bree

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