>3 seasons 2 days

>I woke up this morning to light rain. That was no surprise as “weather” is one of the widgets on my iGoogle page. An hour later it turned to light snow. Now it is moderate snow. Yesterday afternoon, I went for a run with no shirt on. It was 80 degrees. Now it is 40. I had some big plans today (buy Crocs and go to a bike store to buy a rear tire) but now that it is snowing, I might have to rethink these things. I have never ridden a road bike in the snow before. So I was thinking about taking Boulder’s amazing bus system. Then I remembered that Ben wouldn’t compromise his morals for a little snow. I don’t want to support using foreign oil. Especially because John McCain and Hillary Clinton both want to suspend the 18 cent gas per gallon gas tax for the summer. This is wrong for many reason. This NY Times article sums it up perfectly.

On a more exciting note, I did a 4 mile run yesterday. The picture on the right gives some details. Not thrilling, but it was my first run in a few weeks and my first run at a high elevation. Apparently hanging out at 11,000 feet didn’t help me as much as I would have liked. I miss having the ocean to swim in. The Boulder Reservoir’s water temperature is supposed to be in the fifties this weekend. Time to put my new wet suit to the test. Or else pay $6.25 to get into the rec center nearby.


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