>tsa sucks

>There was a Starbucks at the airport in Lima. As well as McDonalds, Papa Johns, and Dunkin Donuts.

I am sitting at a quintessential American food establishment, Chili’s. I am at LAX.

The flight from Peru to Los Angeles was great. I fell asleep as soon as I sat down and I woke up with an hour left in the flight. It wasn’t great sleep, but it worked.

Flight rules change everywhere. From Lima to LA, you cannot take any water onto the plane. I bought a bottle before boarding (after going through security) and had to drink it all before I got onto the plane. They also don’t let you bring meat or cheese. I had made a few sandwiches to eat instead of the delicious plane food, but I was forced to eat as many of my sandwiches as I could before boarding and throw the rest away. In Chile, I could take water and food on the plane. I left my shoes on going through security.

When I got into LA, I was selected for the secondary screening. I should have shaved before I left Peru. The customs form asked which countries you visited on this trip. I wrote “a lot”. They questioned me about where I had been, what I had done, where did I work. They open every bag and search everything. They were reading peoples letters. It is insane. Luckily, the lady realized how difficult it would be to pull out my stuff from my backpack and repack it for me, so she just x-rayed it. It really made me feel like a criminal. I felt like I was lying every time she asked me a question.

It is weird sitting in the LA airport. I already want to get out. I am beginning to miss traveling. It is starting to sink in that the real world is approaching. I feel like I was just starting to get good at traveling. I could negotiate the price of a t-shirt, a room for the night, or a meal. All in Spanish. I paid $15 for lunch in the airport. I hate to think about it, but that would be a room, breakfast and dinner in Peru.

In the last six months, I have been to

Sydney – Australia

Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pai – Thailand
Hanoi, Cat Ba – Vietnam
Beijing – China

Madrid – Spain
Paris – France
Fischerhude, Bremen – Germany
Amsterdam – Netherlands
Prague – Czech Republic
Naples, Rome, Florence – Italy

Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
Santiago, Quintay, Puerto Natales, Torres del Paine, Chile
Mendoza, Bariloche, El Bolson – Argentina
Cusco – Peru

Boulder, Co – USA


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