>I arrived in Boulder to see cyclists and runners everywhere. I will be getting new running shoes soon so that I can run in the Bolder Boulder this year. I also have my goggles so I can swim in the pools here. Pools are not my favorite, but the reservoir here is too cold for me.
When I got to my mom’s house I was very surprised to find a road bike and wet suit laying around! Now I can swim, bike, and run here. Also my friends Alicia and Jen hooked me up with a Team in Training jersey for my running needs. Thanks guys!


3 thoughts on “>Boulder

  1. >weird. go back to the rest of the world;) that was only six months?? i will let you know if i ever have definite plans to go back to the mainland within the next few months. i didnt realize you were staying with your mom…?? are you going to have a phone and way of keeping in actual contact, and address and everything?? agh!! oh and whenever im in lax i always seem to be in the terminal with mcdonalds, cpk and cholos (so not to be confused with the one on north shore:P)

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