>I saw one

>Yesterday I saw my first sea lion. It was probably a South American Sea Lion (Otaria flavescens) but I am not sure. It looked to be about 2 meters (6 feet) and probably 150 kilos (over 300 pounds). At least that is my non pinniped expert guess. The picture on the right is not a sea lion. It is in fact the resident mouse catcher, Gato Yeko.

We also set up our solar powered water distiller. It needs some final touches. We made it with things that we found around the house in order to keep the cost as low as possible. This took a little more work (trial and error) but it is technically giving us fresh water from the ocean.
With the weekend approaching, modifications are being made to the kiosk. The goal is to move it more towards a cafe. Kiosks are for high school kids. The ocean has grown significantly colder. Like a child that is all of the sudden a teenager, the water now feels more Arctic. Or Antarctic would be more appropriate. Either way, we plan on a couple good body boarding sessions also this weekend. Hopefully the sea lion
will not appear. They seem scarier than sharks.


2 thoughts on “>I saw one

  1. >kiss gato yeko for me. I am sad he was not around while I was there 😦 Do you think the distiller will be a realistic source of water for Leo or will he have to continue to import?

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