>So let me get this right. Aloha Airlines is out of business. go! Airlines is also in trouble. Lingle could have bailed Aloha out of trouble, but didn’t. How convenient for the Superferry. As airline ticket will double or triple in the future, the Superferry might become cheaper than flying. Of course there are risks to whales, like in Georgia. I don’t think that whales are a priority in Hawai’i. Not many of our natural resources are.
I also see that gas prices are at a record high in Hawai’i. Check out this chart I found. It starts at about the beginning of the war on terror…or Afghanistan…or weapons of mass destruction…or bin Laden…or was it the spreading of democracy? However, there is hope. People like Ben, Kurt, Loren, Jim, in fact many people that I know want to change some things. So ride your bike, buy locally grown produce, and start recycling. I am going to the beach. I will leave you with something funny.

Found these emoticons during war time quite amusing from the New Yorker:

🙂 No new attacks reported today.

😦 New attack reported today.

=|:-)= This e-mail is being monitored by Uncle Sam for your protection.

😡 I’d rather not say in an e-mail that’s being monitored for

my protection.

:-w Our current leader speaks with forked tongue.

*:o) Our current leader is a bozo.

/:-=( Our current leader in some ways resembles Adolf Hitler,

at least in his disregard for civil liberties during wartime.

😮 Uh-oh, what was that?

:-@ I hear screaming.

B) Now donning protective goggles.

.-) Good Sammy Davis, Jr., movie on tonight.

<|-) Yes, the current conflict resembles Vietnam.

+<:-) Pope to make appeal for peace.

(:3 No, I am the Walrus.

:(=) Interesting Jimmy Carter piece in today’s Times.

[:-) I’m listening to my iPod.

3:-o Bovine encephalitis attack!

@:-[– New Osama bin Laden message released.

8-/ Local chemical attack causing blindness.

:-# Kiss your ass goodbye.


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