>Mushy beach breaks.


At the Jungle Beach Hostel in the Atlantic Rainforest, only vegetarian food is served. There were lots of discussions about environmental issues. One of them being beef, chicken, or pretty much any farming industry. I added overfishing as being detrimental to Earth’s well being. I think that it is fine for fishermen to go out with a line or spear and catch fish, but trawlers are depleting our fish stocks faster than tourists in Waikiki can say sashimi. I am now an advocate of free range, local beef, chicken, and eggs. Luckily for me, Argentina is supposed to have some of the best free range beef in the world. I may have to go there just to try it. That being said, the vegetarian diet isn’t as bad as I thought that it would be for a meat and potatoes boy like myself.
We have left Jungle Beach and drove to Buzios. Buzios is a small seaside fishing village that has turned into beach resorts. The town sits on a peninsula surrounded by beaches. In the 1960s, Brigitte Bardot “discovered” it and it is now known as Brazil’s St. Tropez. My Rainbow slippers finally broke after years of wear and tear. I had to spend $5 on Havianas. Of course they only had a very inconspicuous white color available in my size. I am afraid that I might look like a tourist now.

Unfortunately, the rain has followed us to the beach. So we cleaned the house then relaxed. The owner of Jungle Beach Hostel also owns the Buzio Beach Hostel. But there is nobody here at the Buzios hostel. It is “self service”. That means that 3 of us have a house that sleeps 12 to ourselves. It has a small pool, a couple of barbecues, and a couple dozen beaches nearby. 

xIt has been about 4 months since I left Hawai’i. I haven’t been surfing since then. I had a great time the day that I left O’ahu out at Diamond Head with my friend Nguyen. Today I finally got to surf again. There are a lot of beach breaks in Brazil, something that I am not used to. The short paddle out was fun, but you could almost walk to the break because it was so shallow.
This is the beach near our house, Praia de Geriba.
The three of us continue the vegetarianism here at the beach house. Luckily, the girls that I am with like to cook, as I like to eat.

Blogs are a funny thing to me. It gives us a way to express our ideas. If nobody reads them, I don’t think that we are as satisfied. Maybe I read other people’s blogs hoping for some kind of blog karma. It is quite egocentric of us bloggers. So why do we do it? I like to read Tricia’s, Ben’s, and Jim’s as often as possible. I would list more people, but they don’t update their blogs. There is nothing more frustrating than someone starting a blog and not keeping it going. I feel like nobody knows anybody anymore. Blogs allow us a place to share our true feelings. My blog may start to change as I ponder these questions.

Since I love promoting my friends, my friend Kurt is a great free diver (diving just holding your breath) and photographer. He recently combined the two and made freedivephoto.com. It is a great site that he made himself. Check it out to see some amazing pictures of shipwrecks, wildlife, and free divers at their best. The new whale pictures are amazing.


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