>take me back

>I am sitting on the plane going to Kona. The time spent in California has been made up by the fact that my ticket has the smallest number I have ever seen in the “seat” category. I have been inspired by two people to write this blog, Derek and Ben. Derek has written some amazing blogs about, most notably, the doughnut selection at Zippy’s. Ben also, seems constantly fascinated by food. Almost, as I recently found out, as much as his love of fashion.

I started my morning with yogurt at our condo. By the time, we go to the airport, I was starving. Luckily the golden arches beckoned. That keep my friend hunger hidden under my seat (along with my flotation device) until we were airborne. As hunger began to claw his way out, the stewardesses saw him and brought meal number one.

This consisted of strawberry yogurt, grapes, papaya, and melon. It is nice to be served on real plates, not little tin boxes full of mush. Beside the plate, you can see a little keepsake. It is a salt and pepper shaker in the shape of a plane. I kept it.

Meal number two was egg provence (omelette), potatoes, apple chicken sausage, broccoli, and red pepper. Again, on a real plate. (Notice the lack of salt and pepper? It was already in my bag.)

Now if you have never flown first class, you know what you are missing. It was under a thousand dollars for a one way ticket from Los Angeles to Kona. But how do you put a price on this? A warm chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk.

This is the view of the Big Island as we appraoched from the north.


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