>IM 2007 and party!


I was lucky enough to be able to watch the Ford Ironman World Championships in Kona again. The day after the race, Triathlete Magazine held a party. Here are some pictures with some real athletes!

Mario Vanhoenacker finished 5th this year. Rory gives props.

Torbjorn “Thunder Bear“ Sindballe (3rd place), some haole, and Luke Bell. Torbjorn seemed always serious and Luke was one of the most gracious people that I met that evening.

This is Chris McCormack coming down Ali’i drive for his first IM Kona win. Baltazar and I are cheering him on!

Rutger Beke explained that in Flemish a mullet is called a “neck carpet”. He finished 858th place. He refused to give up. He would not drop out as it would disrespect the sport and all of the people that are trying to qualify. Hero.

This is my buddy Mitch. Right after I reminded him that we were friends. Everyone should read his always inspirational and informative blog.

Craig “Crowie” Alexander made the jump into Ironman distance races recently and finished 2nd at the world championships, not too bad. I can tell you that Aussies like their beer.

Normann Stadler did not finish this year. He won last year. He was still nice enough to pose for a picture with me.

Macca won the race and was friendly every time I saw him after.

Andy and I had to fight off the women of the triathlon world all night. Luckily, he had my back!


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