>first walkabout

>Last night, we arrived in Sydney. Someone was supposed to pick us up when we arrived, but it never happened. We met Tobin who was on his way home. He had been out exploring Southeast Asia as well as North America. He had lots of good information and was a good new friend to make. We waited for an hour until nobody showed up. Then we jumped on a train and made our way to Sydney ourselves. It was only a couple of wrong turns before we found our hostel. It was raining the whole time.
We dropped off our bags and got some Indian food. Everyone seems much nicer here than in America. Maybe I am biased. We fell asleep about 7 PM and woke up at about 4 AM. Jet lag at its finest. We forced our eyes closed until about 6. We got up and were running around Sydney at 6:30. Still raining. It was beautiful. We ran around botanical gardens, hugged the coastline, and arrived at the Sydney Opera House. It really hit us that we had actually arrived. One of our roommates is Tomas from Finland. The three of us went exploring Sydney after our run today.

Our other roomates are a brother sister combo from Canada. Anders, the brother, has been hitting on Danielle. He invites her up to his bed, then says that I might hit him in the nose or the butt. However he makes sure to tell me that he is not gay. (Anders has Down’s Syndrome.)

We just made reservations for a hostel in Bangkok.

Additional info: One kilogram of sliced chicken is a lot. Even if it is cheap. Half a kilo of “sliced Australian cheese” is enough for the 30 sandwiches that the chicken will make. I still don’t know what kind of cheese it is. 10 oranges for about $4 is a good deal, but hard to eat in 2 days.


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