>We arrived late last night (early this morning) and still don’t know what time or what day it is. Bangkok is crowded, hot, busy, humid, friendly, dirty, sacred, and has lots of cheap food. I weighed myself this morning because I am afraid that I might lose a lot of weight here. The first place that I sat down I thought that I was getting chicken curry. I still can’t feel my lips and it has been 8 hours.

I eventually got a soda that tasted like shave ice syrup. A soda, white rice, and curry. Less than one dollar. Seeing Rory nearly cry for an hour because his innards were frying…priceless.

The next thing that I ate I thought was chicken satay. One of my favorite Thai foods. The stick was about 10 cents. We finally guessed it to be chicken liver. The look on my face is just before I realized that. I nearly lost everything in my stomach.

Danielle however, loved everything that she got. A very friendly toothless lady made this fresh green papaya salad for her. She put it in a plastic bag then, handed her a fork and it was less than a dollar. Papaya, lime, tomato, peanuts and one chili. Still too spicy for me.

We went to Wat Po this afternoon. It is a temple that has the largest laying Buddha. 65 meters long. She is about to achieve nirvana. There were no monks, but lots of foreigners!


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