>8000 km to go

>Last night we had dinner at Cholo’s on the North Shore. Today, we are on our way to Sydney. Sitting on a plane for 10 hours leaves me with nothing to do but play on my computer. (Until the battery runs out.) The airline that we chose to get from Honolulu to Sydney is a no frills airline. No food, no blankets, no movie, nothing. If you want some water, you go to the back of the plane and get a drink at the tap. Of course you can buy anything that you might need once the flight is under way.

Being a 10 hour flight I opted to buy some of the comforts. I got us the comfort pack which consists of a blanket, pillow, eye cover, and ear plugs.

Danielle immediately went to sleep and left me to talk to our flight attendant, Weenie. She was very nice.
I got my first Australian dollahs on the flight. They are small gold coins and look like pirate treasure.
Here you can see my 8 dollah sandwich, the movie player and my booty, I mean pirate treasure, I mean one Aussie dollah.

Now all that we have to do is arrive, get our giant backpacks, go through customs, find the bus, get to our hostel, maybe get some dinner, and start exploring.

Ok, we made it to our hostel, it is raining and I will tell you the whole story when I have more time. We are exhausted.


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