>What kind of answers?

>So I went running and met a couple of cool guys. One was a high school track coach and the other was a physical therapist that was the coach’s coach when he attended the same school. Does that make any sense? We ran a few miles together and they told me where all of the cool trails around Pasadena are. Hopefully, I will explore them tomorrow. I got to run by the Wrigley mansion. This is a 17,000 square foot house was built by the Wrigley family after making a few bucks in the chewing gum industry.The high school coach had degrees in psychology and literature. I asked him what most authors really meant. He decided to quiz me instead of answering.
He asked about my tattoos, “What do the stars mean?”
I told him, “Well ya know the standard, something to reach for, never give up.”
He said, “What kind of answers are you getting?”
I picked up the pace and said “It is the journey, not the destination.”
He laughed and kept up with me the whole time. He also asked about my degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Management.
I need to memorize this description of my degree:

The NREM department emphasizes the science and management of natural resources and their links to environmental quality. We provide students with scientific knowledge of the physical, chemical, biological, economic, social, and policy elements of natural resources management. This allows them to understand the principles that underpin productive, sustainable land use, and enhanced environmental quality. Graduating students will be able to solve contemporary resource use problems and assist in sound decision making for optimizing land use and managing agricultural and forestry systems, watersheds, and landscapes in an ecologically sound manner. Graduates will also be skilled in addressing resource policy issues and the needs of diverse clientele and communities including policy makers and planners. Scientific objectivity will be emphasized as an important element of environmental planning. Thus, students will be trained in the use of quantitative models and such tools as decision aids for optimizing natural resource management and ecosystem stewardship.


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