>Leaving Tuesday.

>I participated in the Duke’s Mile Swim on Saturday morning. I swam it in 33:34. 2 minutes slower than last year. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t feeling as much pressure. This year, I didn’t pay the entry fee. I did miss out on a Duke’s Oceanfest t-shirt, but I helped myself to athlete only refreshments after the race. A few Duke’s employees participated in the race, and some of them almost caught me. Well the only one that was close was a middle age water woman, Gloria. She swims or surfs everyday and is a really fun person to hang out with. I would have placed 11th in my age group, but I was annihilated by many 15 year old girls from local high schools. I think that I would have been about 90th out of about 300. Maybe I will swim a lot in California.
I am very excited to be leaving for California Tuesday. I finally get to see my Dad. Today was a great day, Matt, Joe, Brenna, Jeff, Wen and I went to brunch at the Kahala Hotel. Then I finished packing and moving. Clint and Jeff took us out on their boat to watch a beautiful sunset. Hopefully I will put up pictures here soon (as soon as Clint sends them to me).
The Nui Kai won in a short but fierce battle of man vs. tube. while on the boat. I will have my day. Jeff put me in a straight jacket and then let the Nui Kai loose on me. Of course, we must also remember that I went into Nui Kai territory. Had this fight been on land, I would have dominated!


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