>New Plans

>Sorry to all of my fans that have been missing my blog posts. Unfortunately, it is because there are some things going on in my life that are making me sad. My Dad and I will be living in California for a couple of months where we will be getting rid of a Stage III N1 T3 Squamous Carcinoma. My friend Jay 211 is also having some trouble and we are praying for him everyday. The last sad thing on my mind is the friends and family of Karl Chambers. I am sorry for them. It was really put into perspective for my by my friend Kurt.
My life is being put into a funny place, but I am surrounded by good people with great attitudes towards life. I realize that life is what you make of it. My Dad has one of the best attitudes and he is helping me stay calm and live my life one day at a time. Kurt and his analytical ways are also really helping me think about life.
That all being said, I am still going on the around the world trip with Danielle. We will be in Bangkok for November. Then it is off to Beijing for the first week of December. Because I hate warm weather, we will be in Europe for December and January. February will be experienced in Brasilia. March is for Chile, throw a week in Peru, then we are off to Colorado for 10 days. We skip Hawai’i and head to New Zealand, then Australia.
I will try and update with more rants, useless facts about my day to day activities, and postive moments of Zen for you all. One love.


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