>More money for bike lanes.


According to this article we now will receive 2-4 million dollars for bike lanes.
Well we passed a new law. “the law passed by the Legislature during the past session could make the state eligible for $2 million to $4 million in federal money to establish bike lanes, bike paths and multi-use paths.” (Star Bulletin 7/30/07)
Lets see if somebody actually does something to make Hawai’i a safer more bike friendly place.I would be surprised to see any improvements made to my daily commute.
I suppose that I am being greedy. I ride a $30 bike that I bought at a garage sale to a business that is known around the world, that pulls in millions of tourist dollars every year. I spend very little money in Waikiki, I try to support small local businesses, I hate cars. I really offer nothing to the lobbyists in Washington that really control our country.
All I want is a safe way to get to work. Maybe I should buy a Hummer.


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