I am making the excuse that I need a laptop for our around the world trip. Now I can watch the Tour de France and still be connected to my Mac. I love the Tour de France. I am cheering for Alexandre Vinokourov. Maybe because he is from Kazakhstan.
My dream bike is the Cervelo R3. I guess the movies that we made were not good enough for Cervelo to give me my dream bike. Oh well, I have a feeling that with all the shake ups in the local triathlon community, I may able to acquire one at a reasonable price. Then I can become more adamant about demanding bike lanes in Honolulu. I wrote this letter to the editor:

“As a cyclist and bike commuter, I am appalled to find out that Hawaii Bicycle League has no bike lane to its office. If you survive the harrowing ride to the HBL office at 3442 Waialae Ave., there is no bike rack to park your bicycle.

Of course, you can carry your bike up their stairs (no ramp for handicapped people) and ask them yourself why our roads are so unfriendly toward cyclists.

I am glad that we have a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cycling, but I hope our government can take a more proactive stance on my safety. Please donate to HBL at www.hbl.org

And that my friends is my cycling vent!


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