>ATW Itinerary


Last night after slaving away slinging fish to tourists, I was able to get a hold of a very nice sales agent at Qantas Airlines. She helped me to purchase two Around the World tickets. Danielle and I are now definitely going everywhere in September! So here is our itinerary:

Sep 1 Sydney, Australia
Sep 5 Christchurch, New Zealand
Sep 14 Melbourne, Australia
Sep 19 Perth, Australia
Sep 26 Bangkok, Thailand
Oct 26 Beijing, China
Nov 2 London, England
Jan 3 Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Feb 1 Santiago, Chile
Mar 1 Lima, Peru
Mar 7 Denver, USA
Mar 14 Honolulu, USA

We will be moving around as we get to different cities. When in Sydney we want to see the Harbour Bridge, Australia Zoo, and go to a show at the Sydney Opera House. If anyone has any advice or a place to stay, that would help us out a lot. Melbourne is supposed to be much better than Sydney (so say all the people from Melbourne that I have met). We want to see the finals of the Aussie Rules Football and see the Fairy Penguins at Phillip Island. While in Perth, we want to spend some time in Margaret River tasting wine.
Anyway, this is getting rather long and I won’t bore you with more details. Well I doubt that anyone reads this, so I won’t bore myself any longer.


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